Stephen Daal An Introduction

in his own words…

If I would have to introduce myself to people it would still remain a question, “who is this guy?” for those who don’t know me!


For those who know me little I have this to say about myself:
I am a self made man, worked on myself with the great assistance of my wife Velma and my kids Stephanie and Timothy. Also my staff and most importantly my clients who believed in me and last but not least, all my friends who believed in me and supported me during these years and still are!

My name is Stephen Gregory Daal, born on June 25, 1955 of Curacao parents and was raised and taught here in Aruba. After school I started my career at the young age of 16 at Spritzer and Fuhrmann, then I moved to Alfred Chemaly & Son’s, which for me was my university. Mrs. Chemaly and her eldest son Johnny, were my mentors and built in me a system of managing people and more. After serving that company for well over 10 years, I felt I had to move on and got an offer to work for another well known family company, Mansur Trading. I was moved to Curacao to assist in expanding their business there. Here I was taught how to manage a business in all other aspects and from there evolved the hunger in me to own my company and started this in 1989.

During the years I have served the board of a very prestigious organization, the “Aruba Trade and Industry Association” and had the privilege to be the president for 2 terms. I stayed on board for well over 14 years until it was time to move on.

Since the time Greg Peterson took the lead of Red Cross Aruba, I was always by his side but not in the foreground, but as him and I know we can depend on each other when it is needed! Now I was called upon to lead this organization of volunteers and I am very proud to be part of a great team who does miracles for a lot of people, as was written by Matthew 6:3 ; “ DON’T LET YOUR LEFT HAND KNOW WHAT YOUR RIGHT HAND DOES” this is what charitable work is all about!

I want to thank each and all volunteers who put their heart out for people in need and support the RED CROSS unconditionally, although new at this, I can state that the feeling is marvelous and I am proud to say I am a Red Cross volunteer.