Red Cross Social Program

Red Cross Aruba (RCA) is a humanitarian, impartial and neutral organization which has been working on helping vulnerable families in Aruba. During the past years, our volunteers have developed many different activities which attempt to address the humanitarian consequences of people in need. Our work is focused on the most vulnerable persons such as the elders, people with economic and health difficulties, migrants, pregnant women or persons with disabilities, for instance. One of or main concerns is related to the childhood protection as a vulnerable group within the population with specific needs.

In this way, RCA has implemented both assistance and protection actions on behalf of the most vulnerable. Through the Social Program, RCA is intended to reduce the vulnerabilities and enhance the resilience of both Aruban and migrant communities. The strategy is focused on the strengthening of the protection and coping mechanisms of these communities as a main actor of their own resilience process.
Therefore, the team of RCA is working enthusiastically by facilitating and improving access to livelihoods, education and health.

Additionally, as a member of the International Movement and the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the protection activities of the RCA are aimed at promoting the access to impartial rights and services, with dignity, safety and inclusive standards, including through humanitarian diplomacy. Thus, the commitment of the team of RCA is to help our communities to uphold their own protection.