Red Cross Ready

On November 20th, Aruba was surprised by torrential showers that caused a lot of damage to many areas on the island. For hours this thunderstorm hit the island, leaving major flooding. Red Cross Aruba immediately alerted its volunteers who reported to the emergency home to receive instructions.

On that day, about 40 volunteers were visiting families, helping where they could while also assessing the damage. In the following days, more houses were visited and was concluded that about 100 houses needed immediate assistance, so that the families could get back on their feet.

By the request of the Prime Minister, Red Cross Aruba, the Crisis Bureau, Dept. of Social Affairs, Dept. of Public Health and the Dept. Of Public Works started working on a project called “Hunto Nos Ta Yuda” (Together We Help). The role of the Red Cross was to do assessment, report outcome, coordinate donations, financial supervision and coordination distribution to the families.

You can also help by donating to the “Hunto Nos Ta Yuda account before December 25, 2016:

Red Cross Aruba

Aruba Bank # 038.401.0390

HNTY 2016