Ice-cream truck please come in…


Paranda di bochincha visits emma school

A few weeks before the Paranda di Bochincha, our team decided to pay a visit to a special school, Emma School, to invite the students to take part in the parade.  A wonderful experience…confirming that Paranda di Bochincha has become part of this community. In the first class we visited, this boy got our attention because he kept looking at the flyer we had distributed. While our presentation was ongoing, he kept looking at the flyer. After the presentation, we asked the boy if he would join the parade and to our surprise, he replied “Is the ice-cream truck going to be there?”


Since the ice-cream truck had not yet registered by then, we all knew that we had to get that truck in the parade again. So, we drove around until we found the house of the owner. We could not reach by phone nor e-mail, so we left a flyer in his mailbox. Days went by, and still no sign of the ice-cream truck. We had promised the boy that the truck would be in the parade. We had lost hope…but like everything magical around this event, Mr. Ice-cream truck shows up with a big smile on the day of the parade!