Hurricane Exercise (HUREX) Training 2016

Each year a group of Red Cross volunteers travel to St. Maarten to be part of the Hurex (Hurricane Exercise) training. This year a group of five Red Cross volunteers represented Aruba in St. Maarten. This group was well prepared to take on any task and ready to help out when needed. During the training each volunteer had the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned. During the shelter training they helped with both emergency medical response, as well as registration of the people coming in. These trainings enhance the knowledge and skills of our volunteers, which help them give a better service to the community in times of need.

This group also participated in a training with the Dutch and French Marines. During this training the group had the opportunity to observe how the Marines work and also learn from their disaster management procedures and methods.

As mentioned earlier, Red Cross Aruba volunteers are ready to help out when needed and it was no exception during this trip. One afternoon, one of the volunteers who is also an instructor, gave a small class on patient assessment to the St. Maarten Red Cross volunteers. During this class the volunteers had the opportunity to ask questions and practice with each other. This was a very informative and productive class.

In conclusion, the Red Cross Aruba volunteers made good use of the Hurex training to enhance their knowledge and skills, learn new things and also help other Red Cross volunteers.

Written for the Red Cross Aruba by Tracey Werleman