Front Office on standby

As Aruba moved into a crisis, I moved into total flexibility and crazy multi-tasking. My days completely changed, the requests came from all sides, the phone-calls multiplied by 50 each day. Taking safety protocol into consideration, I had to be creative with the walk-ins and converted my office window into a walk-up window. The office also had to be adjusted to fit more people to help attend all the phone calls, but keeping physical distance.

As the weeks went by, I was glad to receive the daily help of Kim, Adeline, Miriam and Hester. This helped me a lot as I could not only assist the Covid-19 Operation volunteers with their requests, but I could also dedicate more time to a special project together with Indra, Marieta and Kim, that was called for short MVP Project: Most Vulnerable Persons.

This project had a separate budget that would allow us to help special cases, for example, with toys and books for the women’s shelter, a supply of groceries to a house where recuperated addicts live for a while after rehab in order for them to get back on their feet. We also donated Pediasure and Ensure to the most vulnerable, diapers, special milk to babies with special diets etc. Also as part of this project, we distributed hand sanitizers and puzzle books to around 100 elderly. And not to forget, our office also was the listening ear for many; people coming for help, but also our volunteers.

As we adjust to the ‘New Normal’ our organization is active every day with distribution of 400 warm meals per day and grocery vouchers to families, so our operation will be that of crisis for months to come, that is our ‘New Normal’.

By Minerva Huizinga